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With a mission to deliver refined products that are able to tell a story, DeTHEIA is consistently captivated by the wonders, drawn from art and culture. Following the course of history, Art Nouveau emerges as an influential art movement that symbolizes the changing landscape of women's empowerment in the late 19th century. With the enchanting beauty of nature, whimsically organic curves, and contemporary strokes, Art Nouveau presents a fresh perspective on femininity, celebrating the ethereal beauties and freedom, breaking away from outdated conventions of classical and academic art. Embracing a shared aesthetic vision, DeTHEIA returns with Fin DeSiecle, our spring-summer collection, drawing inspiration from Art Nouveau to create timeless, modern looks that transcend the boundaries of time. In DeTHEIA’s humble belief, the women of today no longer adhere to just a singular expression; they embody both strength and romance, vibrant and multifaceted, while maintaining their unique qualities and values. Continuing to uphold the enduring principles of our brand, with a central focus on women, DeTHEIA believes that in all the expressions there are, our ladies will always find a version of themselves in the designs of Fin DeSiecle.