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In order to bring products of the highest quality, DeTHEIA focuses on creating perfect products that enhance the graceful beauty of women. DeTHEIA believes that a well-fitting and high-quality product not only provides comfort but also accentuates one's natural elegance. Understanding this, DeTHEIA always supports product alterations based on measurements, ensuring that each lady feels confident, alluring, and able to express her unique style when wearing DeTHEIA designs.


Product alteration process:

Step 1: Determining body measurements:
Please provide the necessary body measurements, including height, bust, waist, hip, desired dress length, and any additional information depending on the product. This helps DeTHEIA better understand your body.

Step 2: Alteration consultation:
Our dedicated and attentive staff are always ready to advise and assist customers in selecting the most appropriate size for each design.

Step 3: Professional alterations:
Once the desired measurements are determined, DeTHEIA will begin the alteration process using the skilled and experienced hands of professional artisans. The product will be adjusted to fit your body perfectly.

Step 4: Quality check:
After alterations, every product undergoes a thorough quality check to ensure the highest quality and perfection before reaching the customer.

Step 5: Product delivery:
Once the product is completed, DeTHEIA will notify the customer and arrange for in-store pickup or delivery to the designated address.


Product alteration costs:

  • All DeTHEIA products are covered by a lifetime warranty and support alterations based on the appropriate measurements for FREE. DeTHEIA prioritizes customer experience and quality above all else.
  • Customers please pay for the round-trip shipping costs for the alteration order.


*Other cases:
For products with attached buttons or details that are lost and no longer available due to the extended time since the product launch and the unavailability of the same buttons or details in the workshop, they will be replaced with alternative buttons or details that are suitable for the product. In this case, customers will be charged a small fee for the product repair.