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O Estío Dela


DeTHEIA is always proud to be a fashion brand for the ladies, constantly celebrating the values of modern women. In an increasingly egalitarian society, we must not forget the exceptional female leaders in history who laid the foundation and fought for women's rights worldwide.

Among the muses who inspire DeTHEIA the most is Carmen Miranda, a talented and vibrant artist of the 1940s. Hailing from a humble background in Brazil, Carmen grew up in the cradle of Latin American art and culture, radiating with sun-kissed skin, a luminous smile, sensual dance moves, and a unique and distinct fashion style. She gradually conquered Hollywood and challenged society's standards of beauty at that time. In an entertainment industry dominated by men and Caucasian descent actresses, Carmen's presence was a revolutionary and empowering symbol, especially for minority background women. O Estío Dela is a collection, inspired by Carmen Miranda herself, embodying her rare talent and optimism. Through this collection, DeTHEIA aims to once again accompany women with exquisite, refined products that carry intellectual and meaningful messages.

DeTHEIA always hopes to accompany women on their journey to possess fashionable, elegant, and captivating beauty in front of the crowd.